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Free books! Get #Furr early! Win #AxelHow gear!

Advanced review copy ebooks of my new novel Furr are now in my possession… How would you like a free copy, a month before anybody else? I’ve already had a tremendous turnout (those people already have their copies in hand!) and I only have a few spots left for reviewers…

My new book FURR launches at the end of October, and I want to offer up free copies to those willing to post an Amazon review between October 27 and 31.

furrstreetAll you have to do is drop me a line at StreetTeam@axelhow.com

Use the subject line: Furr ARC and tell me that you’d like to receive a review copy. In exchange for your free copy, all I expect is an honest review, posted on Amazon.com or Amazon.ca between October 27 and 31. I’ll even email you the direct links to the Amazon page when they’re ready!

I’m also looking for those willing to post, tweet and otherwise shout from the rooftops between October  15th and 31st.

Just drop me a line at StreetTeam@axelhow.com

Use the subject line: Furr Street Team

I’ll even send you pre-made tweets and FB posts with the links already included! All you have to do is copy and paste! All I’m asking for is three tweets or posts, on three different days including release day.

Now here comes the best part…

Everyone who helps get the word out gets a free ebook collection of Axel Howerton books! AND everyone gets entered to win one of three mega-swag bags including signed paperback copies of FURR, the special numbered limited edition collection paperback UNO MOSS and a pile of exclusive Axel Howerton goodies (that have not even been released yet!) including mugs, hats and more…

UNO MOSS is here! GotHow?

Uno MossFCUNO MOSS, the ebook collection of my Hot Sinatra-related stories is finally here, and only available to subscribers to the GOTHOW? CREW email newsletter. I know, I know… you don’t want any more f#$%@ing emails. Look, man. I’m giving away TWO ebooks of short stories for FREE (Uno Moss and the slightly weirder, just as entertaining HowDeeDoo). And I hate writing emails as much as you hate getting them. I’m not one of these send-happy motherflippers who sends out missive after missive after missive… I’m not some Johnny-come-marketer who wants to inundate you with endless promises of gold and wealth and werewolf strippers… (well, okay, I do have ONE werewolf stripper in my new novel Furr debuting October 27 from Tyche Books, but I’m not going to send you twelve emails about it!) I just sent an email to the GOTHOW? CREW about this today. I might send one in October to show you the cover, give you another free story, introduce you to the aforementioned werewolf stripper (her name is Jules, she is quite lovely, so long as you don’t piss her off with an exorbitant number of emails… you see where I’m going with this?)
In any case… back to UNO MOSS. I have UnoMossBCherein collected all of the previously published Manlove & Kickerdick Tricks, the Moe Rossi Investigations, the what-have-yous and what-nots. There’s a brand new never-before-seen Seasonal Greeting called THE ALUMINUM EAGLE. You can’t get that shit anywhere else!  I am also un-publishing the existing Manlove & Kickerdick singles from all sales channels, and placing a moratorium on new Hot Sinatra related stuff for the foreseeable future, so unless you pick up the individual anthologies these stories originally appeared in, you are plain ol’ S.O.L., baby. Oh, and did I mention the limited edition (250 only) paperback version that will only be available at my events and appearances? You can use a GOTHOW? CREW loophole to get in on that too!

So sign up! Get all the news fit to print, but only in easily digestible, semi-annual doses that don’t overrun your mailbox or set off your bullshit meter.

Love and kisses on your pink parts,

#AxelHow (in case you’re into that whole brevity and hashtags thing)


Excerpt – Nocturnal Omissions – Bloody Valentine continues!

As promised, a short extraction of my WIP for #AStoryAMonth , this one geared specifically to honour Women in Horror Month.

ClubbingThe music is pumping. Thundering. Stomping through my body and amplifying the trembling beating of my heart. Each step vibrates through my bones, undulating, reverberating out from the inside. Shockwaves pounding out to rock hard nipples and flushed genitalia. Every soft spot on my body feels full and raw, every inch of me is wet. I can feel my brain floating in it, untethered and dizzy from the relentless sway and bounce, a ship tossed in a raging tsunami of spinal sauce and ten-ton beats. I don’t know it anymore, but my feet are moving. My legs. My hips. I don’t feel them, but there they go, bobbing and weaving like a goddamn champ, moving to the endless rise of the music. Bigger, higher, faster, stronger. Where else can it go? The roof is holding it in against all perceived laws of physics. It should be tearing at the seams, spinning off into the night as the tornado of sound and rythm and pure fucking sonic fury whips us all up into the stars. The purple is hitting me hard now.

I see familiar faces through the strobe light fog. They wave and shout and smile and nod. YEAH! they say, you fucking GO!. Screaming what I’m feeling in my knees.

DJ Rothstein at the decks. He gives me the high sign as I ping-pong through the crowd, live-wire red and lightning fast, a pinball machine on light-speed. I know I’m headed into the inevitable. I know I’m almost there, but it seems like a lifetime and a split-second, a flash of eternity on a dirty mirror.

Then it’s over. Cardiac Arrest. Rothstein drops the needle flat. Straight cut. Rothstein with his spiky hair and his green muppet parka. He drops a slow-jam for the drunk office girls and lipstick lesbians. My heart is skipping beats like a mambo. Purple shines off of every surface.

I fail to notice that I’ve reached my checkpoint. Mission achieved. Level unlocked. I’m smiling goon-like into the ocean of sweat and flesh. Arturo’s voice growls in my ear as he pulls me down into his booth. The residual spirit sweats of the last song are running warm down my thighs. I hope that’s what it is. I see the Senator’s blood. I hear his voice when Arturo groans Hey Girl, like a low-rent over-flamboyant Ryan Gosling. Ever the charmer-out-of-time, six months to eighteen years late on every joke, lost on every reference. Doesnt stop him from being The Man. I had a problem. Arturo would have an answer. I needed Arturo to have an answer.

He packed me into the booth, already preloaded with high-rent call girls and horny upscale dudes in Armani and Brooks Brothers. He waved a hand and  the waitress appeared like a ghost, phasing into existence through the wastelands of my periphery.

© Axel Howerton 2014

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And, if you comment here, or on the previous post (where you can leave your personal anecdotes on your worst V-Day or worst date experiences), you can win one of SIX prizes of either my best-selling hardboiled comedy novel HOT SINATRA, or the super exclusive, available-only-here companion collection, DECONSTRUCTING MOSS

The Bloody Valentine blog hop and FREE books!

Mega-talented author and pal, A.F. Stewart is throwing her annual VD shindig (Valentine’s Day, you bastards) and I’ve been invited to share a little madness and get in on the topic of Bad Bad Love.

Head over to ARE YOU AFRAID OF THE DARK to meet some of the other Dark Lovelies involved (including many of the usual suspects, like Amy K. Marshall, Nina D’Arcangela, Clarissa Johal, Barbara Custer and Chris Verstraete)

Though you should be sure to check out ALL of the players!

As usual, I am running like a decapitated chicken ass-backwards through an endless maze of crazed convolution, so bear with me. I will be back later with a new poem, an extraction from this months ASAM (geared especially towards “Women in Horror Month”) and giving away a few e-book copies of Hot Sinatra and the EXCLUSIVE only-get-it-here companion collection Deconstructing Moss (which is as goddamned romantic as you can get).


Speaking of Women in Horror month, check out this list on The Examiner of top Female Horror Writers (including a ton of friends and colleagues like The McHugh and the aforementioned D’Arcangela, as well as Carole Gill, Mercedes Yardley, Leigh M. Lane, Lori Lopez and the incredible Billie Sue Mosiman. My list would include C.W. LaSart, Red Tash and the incomparable Amy Marshall, but that’s me 😉

So until I return, why not drop me a little anecdote about your WORST date, WORST V-Day or WORST anti-love connection.

SIX of you are going to WIN BIG!