FURR: A Modern Gothic Fairytale
(Book 0: Wolf & Devil Series)
by Axel Howerton

  • October 25, 2016
  • Tyche Books
  • 9781928025597 – Print 
  • 9781928025603 – eBook
From the South three sisters fair
ran athwart the gloom…
Dressed of fur and fierce of tooth,
The maidens of the Moon.

Jimmy Finn is having a real bad day. He woke up drunk and on the wrong end of a nightstick. He lost his job, and had to see his shrink. Now the cops are after him, he’s falling apart, and his only friend is a volatile drug lord. How could it get any worse?

As smoke envelopes the city, he finds himself on the run, and out of time. He’s either losing his mind, or becoming a monster. Or maybe it’s both. Jimmy Finn has one last hope. A long-buried family secret, lost above a mysterious town in the mountains, full of bizarre shadows and a strange girl that haunts his memories.

“Axel Howerton pens a slick stylish werewolf tale that digs in its teeth and tears at your heart. Furr has a voice that speaks to the animal in us all.”
– Sarah L. Johnson, author of Suicide Stitch: Eleven Stories


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