Been so long…

I know, I know. I’m terrible at keeping in touch. Online and in real life. With anything really, except my family and my day job, I am mostly unreliable.

So it’s been a long time… a long time since I’ve posted anything, and a long time since I’ve written anything new. I’m still mired in the mental blockage of edits on #DemonDays and I’ve been 139% blocked on writing any new stories or making any headway on anything outside of the occasional publishing work for Coffin Hop Press.

But today I wrote some new stuff. It’s just a couple of poems, but it’s a start.

The first one is below. It’s a little rough. Certainly not much of a valentine.

The other one turned out more in tune with the proposed spirit of the holiday, but that one is for her eyes only. Unless you know her, then she’ll probably share.

In any case. Here’s the first real new words in a year or more. Let’s hope this is the leak that causes the levee to break.


– A.R. Howerton


It’s been so long

Since I’ve given my words to you

Just you

Without reproducing and redacting

Reconsidering for recompense

Carving finer and sanding smooth

For the whole wide world

To savour

Or ignore

To forget

Or neglect


I suppose

That will happen

To these words too

If there’s enough of them

To fill a page

Or use as kindling


For today

They’re only for you

My love

My weakness

My everything

For you

At least until the next chance I get

To sell my soul

For a moment’s delusion

That I’m full of talent

Irresistibly powerful

That I’m full of light that shines out on the world

That I’m worth their time

And their money

Convincing only myself

That any of it matters at all

When the only thing that truly matters

Is you


-For Lizzy






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