Lebowski 101

Limber-Minded Investigations into the Greatest Story Ever Blathered – Various; Edited by Oliver Benjamin

Lebowski 101
Abide University Press

  • ISBN-10: 1493508083
  • ISBN-13: 978-1493508082

Everything you wanted to know about The Big Lebowski but lost your train of thought there. Over 80 contributors have really helped tie this book together.Among the world’s Greatest Works of Literature The Big Lebowski slouches alone, in that it is the only one which is not a book or a play. Which is of course, just, like, our opinion.This book about The Greatest Movie In The History of Mankind, man, helps to explain its impact. There are also illustrations. Well, we hope you folks enjoy yourselves.Note: This book is letter-sized, so the 210 pages are really like 420 pages in a typical paperback. With 40 essays and 60 illustrations, there’s a whole lot of Lebowski in here.

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by Axel Howerton

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