SQS Reviews – October 2017 (Furr)

The Fictorians – June 2017 (CHP)

Just Joshing (Podomatic)– May 2017

Just Joshing (iTunes) – May 2017

Just Joshing (PlayerFM)May 2017

Just Joshing February 2017

12 Minute ConvosFebruary 2017

Off The Cuff (Dietrich Kalteis) – January 2017 (Furr; Humor in Crime Fiction)

Everything is Scary – October 2016 (Furr)

Clockworks and Crime – October 2016 (Furr)

FOODFIC/But What Are They Eating?November 2015 (Fictional interview – Hot Sinatra)

Opal Publishing Point of View magazineDecember 2015

Calgary HeraldAugust 2015 (AB Negative)

Reading Recommendations – August 2015 (AB Negative)

Beat RouteApril 2015 (Tall Tales of the Weird West)

Ognian Georgiev’s Space – September 2014 (Hot Sinatra)

Precious MonstersOctober 2013 (Coffin Hop and Death By Drive-In)

AudioTimMarch 2013 (Hot Sinatra and Evolved Publishing)

Musings & Little ObsessionsFebruary 2013 (Hot Sinatra)

Read 2 ReviewFebruary 2013 (Hot Sinatra)

Bloody BookishOctober 2012 (My definition of a bombastic MMA mutant apocalypse movie)

Edin Road RadioOctober 2012 (Coffin Hop 2013, Death By Drive-In, Horror Publishing)

Axel Howerton Gets Jack’d (Jack Wallen)May 2012 (Creativity, publishing and literary integrity)

Writer Wednesday (Red 2012 (Freedom in the Age of Idiocracy)

The Same Six Questions – April 2012 (Hot Sinatra, LD@Z&R and bad, bad movies)

Hot Books Daily! – February 2012 (Hot Sinatra, LD@Z&R and bad, bad movies)

Heaven Leigh Eldeen – January 2012 (Hot Sinatra, writing habits, and the color of my bathrobe)

Julie Jansen: SciFi and Horror Author – December 2011 (J.J. asks me some very specific opinions on ghosts and ghouls and if busting makes me feel good.)

Wrestling the Muse – December 2011 (Author Kim Koning poses some interesting questions and I offer up a weird little piece of Xmas Flash Fic)

Writecrastination – December 2011 (A chat with writer Lori Whitwam about Hot Sinatra, zombie fic, and the elements of creating a story.)

Red Tash – December 2011 (A short interview about Time Lords, Christmas Pickles and Hot Sinatra with Author and Journalist Red Tash)

Bloody Bookish – October 2011 (A short ‘superhero’ questionnaire from Author and Reviewer Mary Rajotte)

AudioTim – Coffin Hop 2011 (Podcast interview with myself and Julie Jansen, about Coffin Hop. Hosted by Tim Ward.)

A Diamond in the Dark – October 2011 (An in-depth review of LD@Z&R and a lovely little interview by A.K. Marshall, author of The Fishing Widow)

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