I’m baaaaaaaack!

I’ve been asked to start reviewing and submitting news to http://www.eyecrave.net , the newest version of the Eyecrave legacy, bringing you news, reviews, interviews and more from the world of streaming, home video and more. Some of you may recall that I started my modern writing career way back at the turn of the century with my own little review site called The Den of Iniquity. Not long after that I joined up with Shane O’Mac (nee MacDonald) on his site EyecraveDVD, and together we built it up to the 2nd biggest entertainment site in Canada and one of the most popular in North America back in the late aughts. I, myself, had a pretty solid reputation as one of the top B-Movie and Horror reviewers around, and had the opportunity to meet and interview some of my biggest underground heroes like Jeffrey Combs (Re-Animator), Gunnar Hansen (Leatherface from the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre) most of the cast of Blade Runner, including James Hong (Lo Pan from Big Trouble in Little China) and Joe Turkell (The Shining) as well as filmmaking legends like Uncle Lloyd Kaufman of Troma, Joe Bob Briggs, and Tura Satana (Faster, Pussycat, Kill! Kill!). I transitioned away from entertainment journalism to work on my fiction career with the release of Hot Sinatra in 2013.

Shane O’Mac has recently revived the site as EyeCrave.Net and I’d encourage you all to head over and check out the site, like the YouTube page, etc. My first little toe back in the water is with this Spider-Man: No Way Home spoiler talk video and this Top Ten of 2021 list. Admittedly, I missed a lot of stuff that played in theatres that probably would have made that list: One Night in Soho; Licorice Pizza; Dune… but I still wanted to list my favourites that I actually saw in 2021.

Still, expect much more to come, as I try to move past the writers block and general malaise of the last few years of this endless apocalypse.

Happy New Year to all of you out there, and best wishes in 2022.


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