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Axel Howerton is the  author of the Arthur Ellis Award nominated Hot Sinatra, the modern Gothic fairytale Furr, and the forthcoming Wolf & Devil series.

Axel is former Prairies region Director of the Crime Writers of Canada, as well as a member of the Calgary Crime Writers, The Kintsugi Poets, and the Canadian Science Fiction and Fantasy Association. He is a columnist, speaker and creative writing instructor, and his work has appeared the world over, in places like Big Pulp, Fires on the Plain, Steampunk Originals, Night Shade, Sleuth Magazine, A Career Guide To Your Job In Hell and “The Big Lebowski” compendium Lebowski 101. He is also the editor of the books Death by Drive-InTall Tales of the Weird West , and AB Negative and is the organizer behind one of Canada’s first recurring Noir At The Bar events, #NoirBarYYC.

When he’s not on-duty as a hometown anti-hero, Axel spends most of his time roaming the untamed prairies of Alberta with his two brilliant young sons and a wife that is way out of his league.

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