Con Morte 6x9 Ebook NEW

Axel Howerton 
September 2017 Published by Coffin Hop Press
ISBN (Paperback) 9780994737847
ISBN (Ebook) 9780994737854

Arthur Ellis Award nominee Axel Howerton (Hot Sinatra, Best First Novel 2014) weaves a dark tale of family, murder-for-hire, coffee, and the cost of redemption.

“Jackie Nobody, he ain’t like you and me.”

That’s because Jack sees the monsters hiding behind the eyes of terrible people. And Jack knows monsters, because he’s one of them.

Jack Nada is a killer for the Calabrese mob. He’s been beat-down, framed-up, screwed-over, and betrayed by everyone he’s ever met, pretty much since the day he was born.

Now, he’s out of patience, out of time, and out of coffee. His favourite barista is missing, and the prescription that keeps him sane just ran out. Now everyone is going to pay.


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“A modern Pulp writer that keeps it real…” – FFWD Magazine

“A gem of the Noir genre”, “Riveting!” – Jack D. McLean, author of Dirty Noir and Manchester Vice

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CON MORTE by Axel Howerton

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