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Arcana Comics 2012

  • ISBN: 978-1-77135-116-4

Goggles, gadgets, and gears: considering Steampunk on those terms is no less absurd then imagining our reality populated solely by electricians, hackers, and astronauts. Imagine a reality where steam-based technology and 19th century culture persisted. The Confederacy holds to Southern traditions while industry flourishes in the Union. The west is wild as the Apache fight to take back their land. Japan remains feudal under the shogunate, China struggles with opium addiction, and India is oppressed by the East India Company. Rebellions run rampant across mainland Europe while the British Empire seeks to colonize the globe. Steampunk can be as rich and diverse as our own reality.


I absolutely love the diversity of ideas, the pace, and the artwork. The artwork alone is so diverse that you have to literally switch gears with each new story. But it is well worth it. It is like
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One story that I particularly enjoyed is “Rule Britannia! The Messenger” by Axel Howerton, Red Tash, and Steven Yarbrough. It’s about an unassuming messenger just trying to do her job while taking on a bar-full of anti-Brittish-rule ruffians. The combined drawing, color, and story brings back the old vintage comic book action in steampunk fashion…

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Features the Comic Book Story
by Axel Howerton & Red Tash,
illustrations by Steven Yarbrough,
colors by Seth Rutledge



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