I have been writing poetry, in one form or another, since I was six or seven years old. Much of it is ridiculous, derivative, laughable and awful. Some of it is not. Chicks dig it. So do grandmas. So doth I.

I have, however, have had about a dozen poems published over the years, and have won a couple of awards. I am a member of the Kintsugi Poets Society (click along the drop down menu to find out more about those lovely terrors) and have recently had stuff published in these fine venues:

Night Shade: Vol. 1 Little Bird Publishing – This small dark literary journal features my poems Cold Sunrise and . Exclusively available in paperback and ebook on AMAZON

EWR: Short Stories – EWR (Every Writers Resource) has a new short story every day, including classics by some of the greatest writers the world has ever known… and me? My flash-fic poem-story (what we call “Brautigans” in honor of Richard Brautigan) His Dark Flag



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