A Career Guide To Your Job In Hell

 A Career Guide To Your Job In Hell
Various Authors; Edited by Scott S. Phillips and Robert E. Vardeman

Cover art for CAREER GUIDE TO YOUR JOB IN HELL - Edited by Robert E. Vardeman

  • Frantic Tentacles Press,
  • September 2009

A Career Guide to Your Job in Hell is a collection of nine entries, seven fictional and two nonfiction, giving humorous to horrific glimpses at jobs no one would ever want. The fiction ranges from horror to science fiction, whimsical to horrendous. Contributors include Scribe award winning Nathan Long, Scott Phillips (The Ice Harvest), John Jos. Miller and Victor Milan (contributors to the Wild Cards series),Robert E. Vardeman (author of more than 100 sci-fi and fantasy novels), Scott S. Phillips (Tales of Misery & Imagination) & Axel Howerton (Hot Sinatra).

“Axel Howerton’s “Hum” is spun through the eyes of a gonzo journalist hopped up on a cocktail of Bret Easton Ellis, Adult Swim, and a medical journal.” Amazon review

Featured the story “HUM”

by Axel Howerton


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