Additional Writings

 Gimme SkelterScott S. Phillips – The official screenplay to Scott S. Phillips brilliant indie thriller about neo-Mansonites terrorizing a small New Mexico town. I contributed essays and interviews during the promotion of the film in 2007, which are included with the screenplay in both ebook and paperback.

Hellway to High Scott Duran and Axel Howerton – Imagine, if you will, Patton Oswalt and Brian Posehn facing their mortal end, having been ushered into the hereafter by a snarling Tom Waits in a crusty Komedy Kafe’ mens room… Check it out: HELLWAY TO HIGH!

Night Shade: Vol. 1 Little Bird Publishing – This small dark literary journal features my poems Cold Sunrise and . Exclusively available in paperback and ebook on AMAZON


Last Writes – My review of the story Sneakers for Stephen King month 2012. Like a long, slow, wet kiss in the back of a ’78 Monte Carlo.

WATTPAD Rosie’s Chicken & Biscuits, and a pair of Moss Cole Misadventures ready for your reading pleasure! Also check out my nefarious collusion with the almighty Scottdammit on Hellway To High

Fires on the Plain – My wild and wooly tale of Chupacabra madness, “Rosie’s Chicken & Biscuits”, was “story of the week” over on Alt-Western site Fires on the Plain!

EWR: Short Stories – EWR (Every Writers Resource) has a new short story every day, including classics by some of the greatest writers the world has ever known… and me? My “Brautigan-style” flash-fic piece His Dark Flag

Eye Crave Network – 12+ years of Movie-lovin’, DVD-spinnin’ and Rock’nrolla’

Dark Moon Digest #3 – Featured my story “Blood on the Strip”.

Dark Eclipse #4 – Includes my review of Gordon Williams seminal thriller The Siege of Trenchers Farm, the inspiration for the badass classic flick Straw Dogs – Dark Eclipse on

Last Writes – The horror blog and e-zine, which has featured a few of my reviews – including this review of Night Watch Last Writes

Hotwax – Now defunct zine in which I served up many musical meanderings. Here’s one piece I preserved here on the site – Knights in Black Vinyl

Kitschykoo Magazine – Another lovely mag lost to the ravages of time. I did happen upon one of my reviews in an old online version – Jack Harlan: Love Come Around

Synergie West – A review of Darren Aranofsky’s The Wrestler, that turned into an essay on my own experiences as a kid in love with wrasslin’. I posted it here on the site once the issue was o.o.p. and it is consistently the most sought out thing I’ve ever posted. – K.O.’d by Aranofsky’s Wrestler

EDP Productions – I put together this Press Kit for Scott S. Phillips’ excellent Indie horror/comedy/thriller “Gimme Skelter”. It’s mostly comprised of my own interviews with cast and crew. – Gimme Skelter PDF

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