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Awards Season! FURR! 90’s Karaoke!

Hey kids! Do you like Primus? Wanna see me stick Nine-Inch Nails… Wait. Nevermind. 90’s Karaoke flashback.

Where was I? News!

Award season is in full effect, and I’ve got a couple of stories in for the Derringer Awards (Short Mystery Fiction Society) and the Arthur Ellis Awards (Crime Writers of Canada). It also looks like FURR made it’s way onto the Aurora ballot! (Canadian Science-Fiction and Fantasy Association).

So cross your fingers!

Unless you’re somebody who votes in those places, then use those fingers to vote… ahem… initial here… ahem…

I am still slowly muddling through the process of finishing up the HOT SINATRA stories collection UNO MOSS  (which email subscribers to the GotHow Crew will receive for FREE)

Then I’ll be working on edits for the single-book release of FURR sometime later this year from Tyche Books!

Of course, you can still get my weirdo werewolves in Twin Peaks-y modern Gothic fantasy fable FURR in the SPELLS & SPIRITS box set for a limited time.

Spells Spirits 200x300

Right now it’s $1 on Amazon, Kobo and such! (And still #10 in Fantasy Anthologies!)I have it on authority that it may soon jump back to $2.99, so go git you some! Here’s a couple of recent comments on that bit of literary crazy-sauce:

“Man, that was one heck of a really good story. Dark, twisted, interesting.”

Just finished FURR. Damn fine story. Now to see if there’s more…



That’s right, kids! A mega-contest to celebrate the relaunch of HOT SINATRA with its brand-spanking new cover.

Starting Saturday, July 6 and running to July 13, you can enter in a myriad of ways for a myriad of prizes including this Super Gigante Mega Gift Pack of Epic Legend:


**FOUR** autographed Axel Howerton books, including the LAST original cover copy of Hot Sinatra, the only Officially Autographed copy of Clone, Fairies and Monsters in the Closet, my last copy of Dark Moon Digest #3 and the last copy of A Career Guide to Your Job in Hell signed by 8 out of ten authors.  Also includes my last shot glass with the original artwork, a custom beaded bookmark (may not be as shown) and assorted miscellany from the prize barrel.

2nd prize is the Axel Howerton Digital Library of Spectacular Excellence!: eBook copies (in the file type of your choosing) of Hot Sinatra, the super-secret, double-exclusive companion mini-collection Deconstructing Moss, my original mini-anthology Living Dead at Zigfreidt & Roy, and a couple more digital surprises!



3rd prize is the Moss Cole Digital Kick-Ass Action Pack eBook set of Hot Sinatra and Deconstructing Moss!

4th, 5th and 6th prizes of an eBook copy of the book that Rocked the Casbah, Hot Sinatra!

Return here on Saturday morning for more details and the official cover reveal! And visit Evolved Publishing on Saturday to enter the contest and check out a special visit by the man himself, star of Hot Sinatra, Mossimo Cole!

MossCole HS