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Let It Snow… Bestseller!

LetItSnoweFestYou may remember a little thing that came out last holiday season, a little collection of stories set in author’s pre-existing universes. It featured some Red Tash, a little Jack Wallen zombie madness, some cool stuff from Mercedes M. Yardley, Connie Roberts-Huth, Jessica McHugh, T. Lee Ayers and Claudia Lefeve, some Tim Tash SFF, some Dickensian sci-fi from Marian Allen, and a little touch of Manlove & Kickerdick. Yes, that Manlove and Kickerdick, in a Christmas story… with snow and holiday garlands and festive balls…

Well, that book is now a certified Amazon bestseller, top of the ranks for Free Kindle Books: Christmas

What? Yeah. I know it’s July. What of it? According to Amazon Literary Law, it still counts. Not only that, but it was a finalist for Best Anthology in the 2013 eFestival of Words.

How you like me now, son?

Honestly, I’m just stoked to have something place in those damnable Amazon ratings. Go pick it up for FREE and enjoy the sound of jackboots pitter-pattering on the rooftops of L.A.’s most exclusive and stately underground brothel.

Then go pick up a copy of Clones, Fairies and Monsters in the Closet for the Manlove & Kickerdick origin story 999 Problems…

Which all leads to… HOT SINATRA

The most criminally under-read crime novel of the year. 😉

NOW AVAILABLE! Clones, Fairies & Monsters in the Closet


ClonesFairiesMonsterintheClosetCelebrate pride with gay warlocks, lesbian warriors, transgender femmes fatale, bi-curious neighbors, dyke drug addicts, super-queeroes, fag bashers, freedom fighters, bug chasers, boys in uniform, doctors, astronauts, murderers, prison bitches, survivors, drag queens and CLONES, FAIRIES, and MONSTERS IN THE CLOSET! Queer Fantasy, Mystery, Adventure, Science Fiction, Horror & Romance by: Sarah Abraham, Samantha Boyette, Orlando Cave, Beth Cato, Dawn D’Aries, J.W. Griebel, David Hagerty, John Hayes, Chris Hicks, Axel Howerton, Gary Ives, Jennifer Lee, Tim Lieder, D.C. McMillen, David Massengill, Andrew Miller, Molly Moss, Kenneth Pobo, Jason R. Richter, Selena Rosen, Jeremy Ryan, Shannon Schuren, Matthew Sideman, Richard Marx Weinraub, and Tyson West.
Features the “Manlove & Kickerdick” origin story 999 PROBLEMS by Axel Howerton