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NIGHTWATCH for “Foreign Horror” month on DMD

It’s “Foreign Horror Film” month over at DMD’s Last Writes Blog. My review of Timur Bekmambetov’s NIGHTWATCH is up batting the top of the order:
 Check it out! At Dark Moon Digest’s Last Writes blog!

As is always the case in these prophetic apocalypse pictures, the saviours are flawed and hesitant, the villains surefooted and clear of purpose. The pawn in the centre of the storm is always an innocent forced to choose sides and the fair maiden is cursed, yet must be saved to save us all. All of these things we have seen before, but not usually so enjoyably weird and artfully painted.

DMD #3 available now!

Yerps. You can pick up DARK MOON DIGEST #3 on! Barnes & Noble!

Features my Zombiepocalypse tale Blood On The Strip, formerly known as Living Dead At Sigfried & Roy

 This issue also features part deux of Kevin McClintock’s awesome serial-killer yarn Tenants, as well as stories from the likes of Araminta Mathews, Chris Thorndycroft, Heather Durkin and my pal Jennifer Word (you should check out her site Fiction Spook in the blaaarghroll on the right), and as always, be sure to keep up-to-date on all the horrorific goings on at DARK MOON DIGEST, where you should be able to get the PDF version of DMD #3, or find other retailers in a cyber-space near you.

Zombies and Tigers and Shitty Jobs? OH YEAH!

Finally some news fit to print…

First off, A CAREER GUIDE TO YOUR JOB IN HELL should be coming to eReaders, iPads and other digital loveliness near you. The print version is in it’s final  hard-copy proofing stage, and Bob Vardeman is currently working on the necessary formats for every digital incarnation imaginable. I have also heard through the grapevine that it will be available WORLDWIDE viddy viddy soon! Stay tuned for details on the revolution!

Next, final revisions on HOT SINATRA are belly-crawling towards completion at a ridiculously slow pace. It just seems to be nigh-impossible for me to get a serious block of time to work on it. I am still working on it, however slowly, and hope to be putting it out there by the summer. I’ve been talking to guru Bob and looking into ViPub solutions to get it out in all the requisite formats. Fear not, true believers!

And, finally – but by no means least importantly – my story BLOOD ON THE STRIP will be published in the upcoming March edition of Dark Moon Digest. Huzzah!

If any of you recall from previously posted (and now removed) versions of the story, BotS is the story of a crotchety old cowboy recanting a tale of terror that takes place in a Sigfreid & Roy-style Vegas show, only to have unexpected, undead repercussions for the clientele and staff of an off-the-strip diner. Be sure to check it out , and beware the ides of March!

All I want for Xmess is Dark Moon Digest #2

Don’t forget, last minute shoppers, you can still get a copy or 12 of DMD #2 sent straight to your Xmas stocking!

I haven’t read all of the stories in this issue, but I can tell you that Miss Webster’s Little Arm by Frances A. Hogg, and Robot Lincoln and Zombie Jackson creator Craig Garrett’s excellent I Married a Zombie are more than worth the cover price. Go to DARK MOON DIGEST for all the details and the links to purchase the print version or files for your Xmess Kindles and Nooks…