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Artwork needed for DARK MOON DIGEST

I’m just gonna do the lazy thing and copy and paste the Boss’ page directly from DARK MOON:

Dark Moon Digest Artwork Submissions

Dark Moon Digest Is looking for black and white artwork to use on interior pages of future issues of our quarterly horror publication.

If you are submitting color artwork for a future cover of Dark Moon Digest, please visit this page.

Submission is open to all artists: professional, semi-professional or amateur.

All artwork submitted and must be an original work of art. Artwork for our interior pages must be black and white (pen and ink, etc.) or grayscale. Black and white is preferred as it reproduces better on interior pages.

Here are the rest of the rules:

DEADLINE: No deadline is involved. Artwork will be considered for future issues of the publication as they are submitted.


Artists whose work is chosen for interior pages of Dark Moon Digest (or accompanying anthologies) will receive a copy of the issue of Dark Moon Digest in which their artwork appears along with a credit line and a short biography (maximum 100 words) in which to promote yourself or your artwork. You will also be awarded a free quarter page advertisement for your artwork in the same issue of Dark Moon Digest in which your work appears.

  • All artwork must be submitted by the artist holding the copyright. (If your artwork is not copyrighted, don’t worry. Copyright laws protect your work from the moment you createdit. Check here for more information on copyrights.)
  • Your artwork must be previously unpublished in print format. Your artwork cannot be available in any format online except on your own personal website.
  • By submitting your artwork to Dark Moon Digest, you are assigning Dark Moon Books First North American Serial Rights and the permission to possibly publish the work in our annual anthology. (Dark Moon Books plans to publish a yearly anthology which will contain the best stories published in Dark Moon Digest. You keep all other rights including the original copyright. Artwork published in either the magazine or the anthology will carry notices which stipulate the copyright resides with the artist and full credit will be given to the artist.
  • All artwork should be submitted in GIF format at 600 dpi. The original artwork is not requested.
  • You may withdraw your artwork from consideration at any point, but this request must be made in writing (e-mail acceptable).
  • Entrants selected for publication will be contacted prior to publication with further instructions.
  • Submit all entries via e-mail to as an attachment in GIF format. Please use “DMD Interior Artwork” in your subject line.
  • Be sure to include your name, address and phone number in your e-mail.

Questions? Send them to


Dark Moon Digest

Looking for the newest and best-est in Horror fiction quarterlies?

Look no further, dear fiends. DARK MOON DIGEST will make your darkest dreams come true.

The new horror digest comes to you from Managing Editor and Publisher Stan Swanson, of Stony Meadow Publishing and Dark Moon Books. Stan is a horror author of long standing, having written four novels, a collection of Zombie shorts called “Forever Zombie” and several books on writing for songwriters and fiction authors (all of which are available at Stony Meadow Publishing or check Stan out on Amazon).

Of particular note to readers of this here page is the inclusion of yours truly as an Associate Editor. Which basically means I have become the enemy – the guy who plows through the submissions pile and picks out the potentially publishable.

I’ll admit to frequent guilt-pangs over having to be the one to dash the dreams of prospective authors, but it has given me a treasure trove of insight into my own process and what I need to look for before submitting my own work. I’m working hard to pick the best stories possible, not only to fulfill my own obsessive need to do a job properly, but also to ensure that Dark Moon Digest will be the best new horror publication out there. We’ll be available in E-pub and print formats sometime in October. I suggest you bookmark DARK MOON DIGEST and check back for details (or look for the link in the ol’ blarrrrghroll to your right).

So check us out come the Witching Time in October. You’ll curse us through your sleepless nights, but you’ll thank us in the morning.


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