The most wonderful time of the year! CLICK THE PIC for the COFFIN HOP LIST!

What, pray tell, is a Coffin Hop? You may well ask…

COFFIN HOP is a week long celebration of all things Horror. All things Literary. All things Hippity-Hoppity.

In short, it is a grand exultation of the Indie Horror Writing Community.

In more expansive terms, it is the week of October 24th – 31st, wherein a collective of sometimes hundreds of Independent Horror Writers, Artists and other Connoisseurs get together to make magic, share their wares, brighten the Autumnal Darkness and make you, the readers and visitors, a whole lot happier. This year there are more than 75 entrants (down a little from last year, but what we lack in quantity, we sure as hell make up for in quality) each of whom is offering up prizes, contests, freak shows, pumpkin carving contests, and all manner of craziness… all in the name of that most hallowed of eves. Click to go to the COFFINHOP.COM main page, where you will find an easily clickable list of everyone involved, kind of a HUB OF EXTREME MAGNIFICENCE, if you will… and visit back here as often as you can, as I am planning on having many tricks and treats over the next week.

For instance:

Saturday is MOVIE NIGHT! Drunken livetweeting with Scott S. Phillips (B-movie guru, author and filmmaker of Gimme Skelter and Stink of Flesh),  Viva Ramone! and anyone else who wants to get involved. We’ll be watching the classic 70’s horror-blaxploitation classic BLACKENSTEIN: THE BLACK FRANKENSTEIN, and watching it via YouTube so as to maximize the potential of many people watching the same bad movie at the same bad time.

Sunday is PumpkinPalooza!  Come back for a look at some badass Jack-O-Lantern craziness, including the yearly posting of the GREATEST HALLOWEEN VIDEO EVER MADE.

Tuesday is DEAD POETRY JAM! come back and comment with your work and one lucky Hopper will win not one, not two, but three incredible eBook collections of horror-themed poetry – Michelle Scalise’s The Manufacturer of Sorrow, Tom Picirilli’s Forgiving Judas, and Night Shade Vol. 1, put out by fellow Hoppers Katie M. John and Little Bird Publishing House (it also happens to feature a couple of my own dark poems.) I’ll also be talking about our own Kintsugi Poets Society, who may drop by with a few choice nuggets of poetic excellence.

Monday and Wednesday look for features and reviews on a couple of books by fellow hoppers.

And Friday, on the Very Big Day, I’ll be announcing a Grand Prize Winner for comments on AxelHow.Com throughout the week (the mystery swag bag… including an autographed copy of my Ellis Award-nominated and in no way horror-ific novel HOT SINATRA) and the Winner of the 2013 COFFIN HOP REAPER AWARD for Best Hopper (Author-Participant)

So stay tuned!

And, here’s an extra prize of ONE eBook copy of COFFIN HOP: DEATH BY DRIVE-IN for doing some silly shiznit and following internetz instructions:


a Rafflecopter giveaway

AND DON’T FORGET: The COFFIN HOP: DEATH BY DRIVE-IN anthology, which I spent two years putting together, is full of some of the greatest writers around, spinning Drive-In movie-inspired tales of terror and tittilation, and all proceeds go to the global literacy charity

7 thoughts on “COFFIN HOP 2014 IS GO!”

  1. WooHoo!! CoffinHop is GO-GO-GO!! 👹
    Ooh…drunk live tweeting and movies!! Can’t wait for that post.
    Of course I’ll be back here slamming the bones down and crushing skulls on the Dead Poetry Slam!!
    Hop…Hop…Hop oh my terrificfying overlord!!
    Whoops…almost stumbled…Oops, better not trip into that open coffin. 😉
    – Kim

  2. Woo hoo! Yay for Coffin Hop!!! (my sister is Joanna Parypinski so we LOVE Coffin Hop in my house!) Halloween is the best time of year!


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