COFFIN HOP tomorrow! LiveTweet of BLACKENSTEIN Saturday night!

The annual horrorfest known as COFFIN HOP begins tomorrow at sun-up and continues until the midnight hour of All Hallow’s Eve.

Come back in the AM for a full list of excitement happening here at and a link to the full list of Hoppers

But one thing I’ll give youa  little preview on, is this year’s MOVIE NIGHT livetweet with Scott S. Phillips (author, B-movie guru and maker of zombie classic STINK OF FLESH), El stinkador Viva Ramone!, and myself (along with anybody else that wants to play.

This year we’ll be watching the incredible blaxploitation horror flick



Which we will be viewing on the YouTube, round about 9PM MST on Saturday, October 25.

Join us with the hashtag #CoffinHop and follow us at




Anyone else who’d like to play along, let me know and we’ll add your name to the list before Saturday. Of course, any and all of you are more than welcome to watch along and enjoy the 140-character conversations. The flick can be found at


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