#CoffinHop finale, Happy Helloween and VIDEOS!

photo(3)A few Axel Howerton updates for ya… I submitted HOT SINATRA and my story 999 Problems (from Clones, Fairies and Monsters in the Closet) to the Crime Writers of Canada’s Arthur Ellis Awards. So pray for my doomed soul to get this one little win.


And don’t forget to pick up your copy of COFFIN HOP: DEATH BY DRIVE-IN, the little antho I put together featuring 20-some amazing #CoffinHop masters of dark fiction. This is not only the inaugural release from my new Coffin Hop Press, but ALL proceeds benefit global child literacy through the fabulous people at LitWorld

You can pick that wonderful tome up on Amazon for Kindle, Smashwords for every file type imaginable and beautiful paperback, for that freshly slaughtered nature feel.

Ahhhhhh Coffin Hop. My beautiful bouncing baby monster. Almost ready to be put to bed for another year, moldering in the boggy marshes of humanity’s dark nethers while you wait to tantalize, titillate and terrorize once more…

But not quite yet… We didn’t even get to my favorite part. Reposted videos! NOT SUITABLE FOR THE SQUEAMISH OR THE SENSITIVE OF HEARING (those opposed to excessive profanity)

First up, the all-time classic. I base most of my life on this one short piece of fackin’ beauty. I give you, once again, The Jack-Chop. Fackin’.

Next, let us enjoy this year’s 15th anniversary ArieScope Halloween special “Halloween Hugs”

And finally, on this years list. Check out the preview for our old pal Ryan Mowry’s new short “CLUSTER”. Ryan was the writer/director of the hilarious ABQ-set superhero homage DEFECTIVE MAN and here he gets a little more serious in dealing with the debilitating pain of chronic migraines

This short has been making the rounds at fests and, having seen the entire film, I can vouch for its disturbing visuals and powerful execution.

Check it out on YouTube and leave Ryan your thoughts and encouragement.

You can also fan the CLUSTER Facebook Page

And visit the team at SB Films

Now get to HALLOWEENIN’! And don’t forget to vote for the Coffin Hop Art Show and Death Poetry Jam contests, ONE lucky commenter from this past week (up to and including midnight tonight) will win the Big Damn Prize!  A full digital Axel Howerton library!


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