#CoffinHop Death Poetry Jam

Night Shade copy 2

**** I can’t decide. You are all freakin’ awesome. Drop me an email at axelhow@gmail.com and allayouse poetic maniacs win a copy of NIGHT SHADE for your Kindles.****



Alright. Let’s do this.

A couple days late, a few dollars short, and a whole big bag of kickass #CoffinHop posts bouncing around the internets, haunting your dreams and shaking your trees…

Today is the day. Dia De Los Muerte Poetic Jelly

Here’s how it works. This be a Death Poetry Jam… I’m gonna just slam out some poetic vibes on you right here. You leave me your own amazing poetry in the comments section (haiku, tanka, onomatopiea operatic, jailhouse knife taunt, electric boogaloo, hardcore rap throwdown, rural vista, iambic pentameter, Homeric Epic… whatever the funk moves you!)

I will pick (3) winners to receive Kindle copies of the incredible NIGHT SHADE volume 1, put together by the equally incredible Katie John (and also featuring work from our beloved Red Tash)

This lovely dark and terrible tome features two of my own dark poems, “Ghosts” and “Cold Sunrise”. Speaking of which, go visit Katie John on Dark Heart & Night Shade for a little blurb on yours truly! All part of the #CoffinHop fun.

And, as always, be sure to hit the list on WWW.COFFINHOP.COM to visit all 80-some members of the #CoffinHop Coven and get your spookarilla on!

Now here’s my 2013 #CoffinHop

“Death Sits Pretty On His Lips”

He sits forlorn

In painted rooms

That reek of rotting vermin

Sickly sweet

And tangy rose

Ballooning from within them

Lovers leave

And fathers bleed

Mothers cry forgotten sons

One last complaint

One kiss forgot

Dead eyes of Devil’s fortune

 – © Axel Howerton

So come up with something (take, say, 5 minutes) and post it in the comments and you could win NIGHT SHADE Vol. 1


19 thoughts on “#CoffinHop Death Poetry Jam”

  1. From lips tainted with venom
    his deeds unforgivable fall.
    Quickly I kneel to lap them
    poisoning me, one and all.
    A devoted slave I dare not call myself
    that arrogance not mine, only shame.
    A worthy thing of use for his wants
    this I hope his hands do claim.
    A puppet to his desire, a pawn to his keep
    he, I will forever unquestioningly heed.
    Command me to kneel, heel by your side
    forever do I surrender to your every need.

    (okay – I suck at poetry) 😉

  2. Too kind, sir, far to kind. *curtsies politely* (then gobbles up compliment and runs into corner to name it ‘me precious’ – in a mentally healthy sort of way) ;}

  3. “Death Walks Tonight”
    by Joanna Parypinski

    An empty grave lies waiting,
    washed in moonlight, on All Hallows Eve,
    its tombstone cracked and weathered,
    lost in drifts of fallen leaves.

    Old bones once moldered in the dirt
    but now have risen, now have gone,
    forsaken this old churchyard
    where they’d lain for so long.

    It walks among the living,
    it walks among the trees,
    it walks, that undead creature,
    through the drifts of fallen leaves.

    On this night, it stalks among us;
    where it goes, no one can say.
    The bed of dirt lies empty
    where so long that body lay.

    Death creeps into our windows
    where it watches, dark, unseen.
    Death finds us where we’re sleeping
    on this night of Halloween.


    Only in the midnight
    Only in your room
    I lathe you wet in darkness
    I bait your sighs with doom

    You may think you love me
    You may find me sweet
    But sugar hides the poison
    that stills the foolish meat

    Trust is for the simple
    Trust is for the blind
    My love for you is hunger
    My consummation kind.

    Beg not more for mercy
    Beg not more for lust
    With chains I hold you close
    With chains that drip with rust

    All the night I’ll love you
    All the night I’ll kiss
    The morning’s for regret
    The morning’s when I’ll miss

    The heat of your lost passion
    The meat of your soft thighs
    The shock of recognition
    The tears of blinded cries.

  5. Dust Devils dance a macabre dervish

    Tumbleweed twists in torment

    Ghosts of the Disappeared stalk the streets of Death

    Screams of silence fill the graveyard of the Abandoned

    Gates creak open with unearthly screams

    Come down to the Graveyard

    Coffins spill their bone chilling secrets

    Not all those who are lost wander

    Come in lost spirits

    ~ The Abandoned and the Disappeared ~

    – Kim K 🙂

    Ps* Been hanging from the beams for your death poetry jam Axel! 😉

    Happy Hopping!!

  6. Finality and Twilight

    In the last rays of swirling light
    when the earth kisses the dusk,
    will you dance among the graves
    and sing a gentle song for Death?

    When the earth kisses the dusk
    where will your tired footsteps lead?
    To a tombstone not yet etched?

    Will you dance among the graves,
    a ghostly apparition in your arms,
    that bitter, closing waltz, macabre?

    And sing a gentle song for Death,
    laugh bravely as you pass his shadow.
    He awaits only the sweet music’s end.

  7. Pretty sure I shouldn’t even attempt poetry. I’ll leave it to all you badasses. *bows and shows herself out*

  8. No Where To Go But Down

    it’s cold here, so far from the sun
    following my heart, I never realized how far I’d strayed
    but I can’t go back the way I came

    no petty choice marked my path
    some simple yes or no, some left or right
    some silly fork in the road

    but a series of agonies that rocked me to and fro
    and melted my gravitational core, leaving me
    to float non-directionally through a frigid space

    and where are the stars? their tiny points of fire
    might simulate heat and direction and company
    but my soul is starless, my spirit a void

    for even spirits would fear to tread this path with me
    those who have naught to fear, having faced the conquering worm
    my intentions could incur Death’s damning blade

    I would challenge him for thee. Death is but a doorway
    and doorways are meant for the passing
    your passing unfair, I seek due recourse

    and will sever thee from his brittle grasp.
    I no longer fear what God will do when–when!–I succeed
    with you once more by my side, I will smash down fear itself

    if only I had a bit of heat to warm my palms
    this shovel is steely and cold, the ground hard,
    the cemetery still as death. I’ve still so far to go.


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