#CoffinHop Winners! Winners! Chicken Dinners!

So here we go… some of these have been announced in their respective posts… but I’ll include them again for the sake of completism πŸ˜‰


The Axel Howerton FB Rafflecopter prize of (1) Autographed paperback copy of DEATH BY DRIVE-IN goes to @videoclimber


The Coffin Hop Death Poetry Jam was judge an all-around success and a magnifique 6-WAY TIE!
Ash Krafton – Kim Koning – Nina D’Arcangela – A.F. Stewart – John Everson – Joanna Parypinski

You all win a Kindle copy of NIGHT SHADE Vol. 1 !!!


The 1st Annual Axel Howerton Coffin Hop Art Show also resulted in a mad tie, but subsequent votes by my board of directors (my 4 and 8 year-old sons) awarded the prize to Joanna Parypinski for her entry, “Pumpkin Family”. Jo wins a copy of DEATH BY DRIVE-IN and a boatload of swag, including my own painting “Hipster Leatherface”.

Joanna Parypinski
Joanna Parypinski


The winner of the Coffin Hop: Best in Hop 2013 Reaper Award is Amy K. Marshall!
Amy wins the annual Reaper Award (previously bestowed upon Coffin Hop co-creators Julie Jansen and Axel Howerton in 2011, and Red Tash in 2012), as well as a copy of DEATH BY DRIVE-IN and much more!


Finally, the last big prize for this year (and I know I’ve been shuffling them around. I’m old and my brain don’t work no good no more)

The full digital Axel Howerton Library, including HOT SINATRA, LIVING DEAD AT ZIGFREIDT & ROY, DEATH BY DRIVE-IN, A CAREER GUIDE TO YOUR JOB IN HELL, LET IT SNOW, the HOT SINATRA companion DECONSTRUCTING MOSS, and NIGHT SHADE Vol. 1 (Kindle only) is L.M. “Murph” Murphy!



A million thanks and eternal wellwishes to everyone who participated in this years event, and even more of my heart is divided up between everyone who helped create, and now promote, the COFFIN HOP: DEATH BY DRIVE-IN anthology, which truly benefits an incredible cause in www. litworld.org

If you haven’t already, go buy your copy today and help support child literacy around the world!





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