COFFIN HOP DAY… what day is this?

Okay, okay. I know I said Friday for the last contest, but new shit has come to light, man.

First, I’m running the #CoffinHop , man. I gotta keep an eye on everybody else.

Then, I had a good time rambling on for R.L. Treadway about “Why Horror Isn’t Scary Anymore” which you can check out on her site tomorrow.

THEN… best part of the story… dream come true… I got an email from The Dudley Lama himself, asking if I could whip something up for possible inclusion in the upcoming LEBOWSKI 101 book, kind of a treatise on all things Lebowski. Being a devout Brother Shamus, as well as a long-standing member (and licensed priest) of the Church of the Latter Day Dude, I was left about as brainlessly overwhelmed as if I’d just downed a half dozen Caucasians. (Check out the pic there of me and The Miz and #1 son for Halloween 2008. I’m the Dude in the Dudely raiment.) Suffice it to say, I am now hard-at-work trying to research my article on the ties between Detective Fiction through the ages, and His Dudeness, Jeffrey “The Dude” Lebowski. Praise Be to CCR.

In any case here are the winners of the first contest, as drawn by #2 son as he sang the “Daddy Ate My French Fries” tune from Adventure Time, in his skivvies, with a mouthful of pumpkin-cinnamon cookies:

Congratulations, kids. You have each won an e-book copy of the COFFIN HOP: DEATH BY DRIVE-IN Collectors EP. I’ll be contacting you bb email to find out what file type you’d dig.

Now for today’s contest. It’s COMIC BOOK DAY!!! and I’ve got a pantload of awesome books for the winner. One copy each of Nicolas Caesars FILTHY CAKE and THE PIT AND THE COMPENDIUM, one copy of ROBOT LINCOLN & ZOMBIE JACKSON, one RL&ZJ poster, and a handful of other titles TBD. I will also include a chapbook copy of my mini-anthology LIVING DEAD AT ZIGFREIDT & ROY.  All you have to do is LIKE my FB page, just over there to the right… Then comment and tell me you clicked it. Here’s a comic Red Tash made for me the other day.


 And here’s why:

Now get to Hoppin’!


10 thoughts on “COFFIN HOP DAY… what day is this?”

  1. I’ve got information, man!

    (honored that I got the reference before reading any further. Like you even more, my friend)

    And you’re doing a helluva job, sir, both in the Coffin Hop and your craft in general. Wish I could be a more active CH participant, but doing my best to promote the hell out of it (for what good my limited scope does ya). And now I’ll pass this one along as well. God speed on your Lebowski treatise.

    Paul D. Dail


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