Ahhhh, COFFIN HOP. That time of year when the leaves turn color, the wind grows cold, the nights get longer and I get very little sleep while the dead walk the Earth and the ghosts of All Hallow’s Eve do their little fandango. Over the next week, more than 100 of the best indie writers and artists out there will strive to entertain, enlighten, enrich and enliven your season with their words, their creativity and their hard work. There will be much fun to be had. There will be tricks, and treats, and surely an abundance of prizes.  Each and every one of those 100+ creators will be offering at least one contest over the course of the week. In most cases, multiple contests and prizes.  It’s a magical time of year, when we all – whether we realize it or not – celebrate the mysteries of death and mortality and wonder at the primordial possibilities that lie at the very core of our human consciousness.

Click on the happy goat-boy to go to the COFFIN HOP site and visit those hundred prevaricators of the unknown and read on for the first of my COFFIN HOP contests…

I’ll be having a few giveaways over the week, including a comic-book spooker pack, e-book copies of the official COFFIN  HOP: DEATH BY DRIVE-IN Collector’s EP (featuring four stories from the forthcoming Coffin Hop horror anthology DEATH BY DRIVE-IN), possibly an e-book of a brand new story, MOVIE DAY, and my Grand Prize package, which includes an autographed homemade “chapbook” of my own mini-collection LIVING DEAD AT ZIGFREIDT & ROY (available in e-book formats on Smashwords and Amazon), a whack of cool Halloweenie swag and an 8X10 art print of the cover photo of the DEATH BY DRIVE-IN cover, by the amazingly talented Liz Howerton Photography. So be sure to visit back over the week and stay tuned for all of that.

To kick things off, let’s give out TWO of those DEATH BY DRIVE-IN ebooks to a random commenter (chosen by hat-draw by my kids on Friday). Friday night I’ll announce the winners and unveil the next contest!


Leave me a comment, tell me who else you’ve visited in the next couple of days, and two of you will be reading some of the best horror fic in town, from Jessica McHugh’s surreal frightmare THE BRAIN TRAIN and Red Tash’s Pinterest lovin’ tale of skinchangers, to Amy K. Marshalls disturbing story of the Alaskan undead and C.W. LaSart’s masterpiece of medical mayhem PLAYING DOCTOR. You also get the first part of a cliffhanger episode of the incroyible comic ROBOT LINCOLN & ZOMBIE JACKSON. You can only get this ebook through official COFFIN HOP contests. So get Hoppin’!

21 thoughts on “COFFIN HOP!”

  1. So far, I serenaded Julie Jansen, took No Vacation from Speculation, then relaxed at Murphy’s Pub. Then, the next thing I know, I’m here. And I’m feeling very sorry for goats, for some reason. (I hope only market goats go to hell. Dairy goats are so nifty.) Well, whatever floats your goat, I guess.


  2. I’ve stopped by the blogs of Ash Krafton, Penelope Crowe, Katie M. John, John Everson, Michelle Muto and a few others, tweeting and liking as I went.

  3. Wooo, Coffin Hop! You, good sir, are a god among men. You’re my first stop, but I plan to hit every single blog. Don’t enter me in this drawing though, since I’m a participant of the bloghop. 😉 Happy Hopping!

  4. Up ’till now I’ve dressed a skeleton with Julie Jansen, discovered a terrible secret in the slit with Jess McHugh, and feasted my eyes with great Nicolas’ cartoons, and it’s only 11:30! Fun, fun, fun!

  5. So far, I’ve hopped by here, Julie’s, Jessica’s, and Jezri’s — planning to visit a dozen or so a day, and if I’ve done me maths right, I should hit everybody’s by the end of this bloody shindig.

  6. Your blog has only been up on my computer now for 5 hours. Just sayin’ … I should get points for the LONGEST hop. Ever. ^__^ But, COOL! This is my SECOND blog hop comment! */*

  7. I’m just getting going, Axel. I’ve only visited a handful of the blogs, but have several hours to visit around. I’d stay and chat, but I have some hopping to do.

  8. Just stopping by to share the love, of which you deserve cauldron-loads! Thank you for busting your ass to make this year’s Coffin Hop even better than the last.

  9. Axel!! How are you doing, brother? I’ve been stuck in that damned writer’s cave, getting that new book of mine completed. Man! Am I glad to be out. I’m still doing way too much in the aftermath, but who amongst us indies isn’t? In any event, you are my first visit as I begin my trek thru the list. Enjoy Coffin Hop 2012. I’ll be sure to check back throughout the week.


  10. Hi Axel 🙂
    Waving and running from the haunted coffins of the McHugh (Jess McHugh), CreepyWalker (Rebecca Treadway), Aniko Carmean, Penelope Crowe, Jonathan d Allen, Marie Loughin…On to visit more coffins before unleashing day 2’s contents from my own haunted coffin…
    – Kim
    ..coffinhopping from Wrestling the Muse
    Ps* Love Liz’s artwork!

  11. I’ve had a lot of fun with the Coffin Hop so far. I visited 14 Coffin Hop blogs yesterday, and I’ll visit 14 more today. The visits have been interesting and entertaining. (I’m currently participating in 3 blog hops. One of them has blog posts that are mostly all book excerpts – BORING. I won’t be doing that hop again. LOL!)

    Jolie du Pre
    Precious Monsters

  12. This is my first stop, thanks for starting off the hop for me 🙂


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