And now, the end is near… #CoffinHop 2012 draws to a close.

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! And a most joyful #CoffinHop to you all!

First things first… I will announce the winner of Mondays comic-book creeper pack contest… tomorrow…

I will also announce the winner of the Super Secret Mega Awesome Monster pack (and it’s contents)… tomorrow. All I’m gonna say is that it will go to one random commenter who has also liked my FB page. So get commenting/liking. Also, I’ll award TWO more prizes of the DEATH BY DRIVE-IN Collectors EP!

Because today is for the childrens. The childrens in all of us. Go check out the special All Hallows Eve content around the #CoffinHop, including devilish ol’ ME, rambling on R.L. Treadway‘s site, and waxing maniacal about MMA mutants and The Cleve’ on Bloody Bookish!

Then enjoy this years Ariescope Halloween short, which has become a tradition here on I should warn you, these are not for the squeamish, nor the easily offended.

And while you’re at it, check out our favorite video of all fackin’ time, kid. All youse gotta do is watch that shit.


9 thoughts on “And now, the end is near… #CoffinHop 2012 draws to a close.”

  1. Dammit, Howerton, your choice of words above the comment box made me think of an Alan Doyle song. (Ya know, the dude from Great Big Sea.) Right, I like your Facebook, I stalk you on Twitter, I follow you on this whirligig… what more do you want from me?!


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