Hot Sinatra and a piece of Cake

So I’m almost done my initial revisions before we start the line edits on HOT SINATRA, heading ever forward towards that December finish and January launch date (January 15, from Evolved Publishing, if you haven’t heard!)

Also, Red Tash swears she’ll be posting my picks for Author Fight Club today. Previous skirmishes have included Hunter S. Thompson vs. Dorothy Parker and her table of miscreants, and Gaimen vs Tolkein. This week she has my fight picks heading the card, with Master Chuck Dickens, the London Scrapper, taking on “Uncle Walt”, The Body Electric, Walt Whitman! Sure to be a rope-a-dope-doozy!

And since we’re on the subject of kicking ass and HOT SINATRA. Check out something from the inspirato vaults. Fun Fact: Cake’s album Fashion Nugget was in heavy rotation on the CD player during afternoon commute when I first daydreamed the genesis of what would become HOT SINATRA. Most of the songs from that record made their way into the unofficial S/T in my brain. Cake also probably contributed to the choice of Sunny El Lay as the prime location, what with the SoCal vibes and Mexi-Cali trumpets.

Stay tuned for more tidbits as I put the nose to the grindstone to polish up this masterpiece And get your eyeballs on the first three exciting (and non-finalized) chapters of HOT SINATRA on WATTPAD, while supplies last!


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