HOT SINATRA! Coming January 2013!

So here’s the final cover for my upcoming crime-comedy-noir novel HOT SINATRA, which will be released Janury 15, 2013 by the good folks at Evolved Publishing.

The cover, by the amazing Shane McDonald of Eye Crave Productions has already been commended as being Saul Bass-ish. With which I wholeheartedly agree. It is bad-ass, indeed!

My new BIO and new headshot, by the most excellent Liz Howerton Photography, are also online on the Evolved site, with a dedicated page for the book coming soon. Now to plow through the next three months of hardcore editing and polishing to make it pretty as can be.

And don’t forget, if you wanna be a BOSS, you can catch the first three (non-finalized) chapters of HOT SINATRA on Wattpad and you can find my Axel Howerton “mini-sampler” featuring 4 previously published stories on Amazon (for a buck!) and Smashwords (for FREE!) You can also visit my Amazon Author page for other treats like A CAREER GUIDE TO YOUR JOB IN HELL (,Also featuring stories by Victor Milan, Nathan Long and TWO Scotts Phillipses) and the Official Screenplay of Scott Phillips’ GIMME SKELTER (featuring interviews I conducted for ECN)


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