Nik Siezure TWO-FOR-ONE art and Dickens V. Whitman!

Awesome artiste, and Friend-Of-Axel, Nik Siezure (or Nic Caesar, or Nicky, or Big Poppa, or whatever you want to call His Majesty of the Dark Cartoon Arts), creator of Mosquito & Spider and official Coffin Hop artist, is offering his incredible line art at a TWO FOR ONE deal on Hyaena Gallery online

Here’s Nicky’s take on Yours Truly summoning the mighty Cthulhu:

Fucking BOSS, right? I know, kid.

Then head over to the Head Fred’s and see how RED TASH throws a Fight Club party. Cuz there ain’t no fight club party like a Red Tash Author Fight Club Party… This week? The Long Island Love Hammer of Uncle Walt Whitman brings the poetic thunder against The Dickensian Destroyer, Sir Charles himself! #AUTHORFIGHTCLUB 4.0

That really sounds like a whole lotta phallus for your click.

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