LD@Z&R getting some love…

Spreading the Writer's Word

By Axel Howerton

Blood and Coffee. Cowboys and Zombies. Welcome to the Last Diner at the End of the World. The coffee’s hot and the ghoulish army of the undead isn’t due for a few more minutes. Take a load off, fill your cup and listen to the last story of how the world ends. Not with a whimper, nor a cry, but with the roar of white tigers and the blazing neon of the Vegas strip.
Living Dead at Zigfreidt & Roy is back and better than ever! Now with the inclusion of FOUR… count em’… FOUR EXTRA STORIES!!! Including:

The last round up at the end of the world, when one tough ol’ hombre takes on the legions of the Living Dead in Living Dead at Zigfreidt & Roy

The shambling depravity and heartless greed of the office pirate in His Dark Flag

The meanest SoCal…

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