Liz Howerton, photographic phenomena!

See that picture up top there? The artsy one, with the most excellent surrealist flare? The one where I’m dipping bacon in coffee and channeling the King?

<= How about this one? Yeah, this one right here, where I look like a lost album cover from Tom Waits Early Years… Or the ones on Google+, Crackbook and the Tweeterz?

Planned, staged, snapped and revamped by my Very Special Lady Friend, formerly known as The Divine Ms Liz, now known as Liz Howerton, master-photographer-in-training.

My beloved is undoubtedly talented, blessed with a natural grace and touched from on high by the Gods of Olympus with the gift of the Golden Eye. She has found her calling and is pursuing it, beginning her travels today, as a photography student, in the highest palace of wisdom in the land. She is facing University Education, staring it down and making it her bitch. Starting today, and continuing every day, she is her own being, her own Woman, and my hero.

Go check out her new website where you can find links to her amazing work and keep up on her journey. And go give the likes to her Facebook page for even more unbridled excellence.

I loves ya baby. Go get ’em.


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