JACK’D by Jack Wallen!

I done got Jack’d!

Jack Wallen, (most excellent author of Shero, the I Zombie series, and the Fringe Killer books) invited me over for a little tête-à-tête that resulted in some lively discussion of fiction, fallacy and fallopian tubes (OK, maybe not fallopian tubes, but it was a natural alliterative progression. Cut me some slack!) 

Check it!

Axel Howerton Gets Jack’d

And get yourself on over to Smashwords to pick up a free copy of the Axel Howerton sampler, featuring Living Dead at Zigfreidt & Roy, plus four more weird little gems. All that twinkle and shine, baby! Vegas dead! Office pirates! Los Chupacabras! Galactic Empire plumbing problems! Henry Rollins gets pissed!

How can you turn down that much bizzaro for zero dollars? You can’t do it.


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