Freedom in the Age of Idiocracy – I’m on!

My thoughts on “Freedom in the Age of Idiocracy”

Twain! Jimmy Buffett!  And, yes. I actually say something nice about whatserface that wrote Twilight!

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“Do not yield to the pressures of Corporate culture, who say we need to endlessly replicate anything even moderately successful. Go your own way, create your own reality. Leave off trying to be just like Twilight or Harry Potter or James Patterson. Stop dreaming of being Stephen King. There is already a Stephen King and part of him wishes he could be you, with all the freedom and opportunity you hold so gently in your hand.”

5 thoughts on “Freedom in the Age of Idiocracy – I’m on!”

  1. People have really been digging this post. I’ve seen it cross-posted a few places. I hope future idiocrats will continue to drop by for pointers. 🙂 It’s what plants crave!

  2. I wish people were more generous with their comments! They’ll make their way, don’t ye worry. The internet is forever.


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