HAPPY FCD!! Get yer free comics here!


Go to the ROBOT-ZOMBIE page on Facebook. Like the page and comment for your chance to win a copy of ROBOT LINCOLN & ZOMBIE JACKSON and a poster! Check out the main site www.robot-zombie.com to see brand new, just released, fresh-of-the-presses pages and get your own copies!

AND!!! One lucky commenter on this post will win a handful of comics and assorted goodies from moi…

That’s Alex Pardee’s The Ugliest Fairy, Creepy #8, Fantastic Four Two-In-One, and Rare Bit Fiends #14

Good schtuff.

12 thoughts on “HAPPY FCD!! Get yer free comics here!”

  1. I really need to spend more time on my computer so I can fully enjoy your site. Me phone just dont quite cut it alot of the time. Sorry to hear about yer white rain today. We’re waiting on regular rain

  2. Geez. Errbody is “liking” up a storm and sharing around FB, but nobody is commenting here to get that stash of comics… Must all be out at their local comic retailers, giving some patronage to the local economy…

  3. Wow lots of snow. Maybe in the excitement they missed the part about commenting. Enjoy the rest of the day A.

  4. Worry not for me, but if you insitent save the postage and we can arrange a pick up next time I’m down


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