Geekstravaganza! Avengers, LP’s and Free Comic Books!

Boy howdy! What a couple of weeks. Geekstravaganza!

I’ll admit, I skipped the Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo last weekend, where the entire cast of Star Trek: TNG was reunited on stage, Adam West slapped palms, Stan Lee signed autographs and Lance Henriksen probably wrassled a bear. Too much cash, too much trouble on short notice. Not to bore you all with local infrastructure griping, but once they finish the overhaul of the public transportation system, me and the boyos will be able to hop the ol’ Light Rail Transit down to the convention centre for the big show.

Besides, we were still worn out and cash-poor from the previous weekends festivities for International Record Store Day, which was kickin’ balls, man. Son #1 and I grooved on down to the record shoppes, crammed ourselves in like sardines and grabbed up some sweet, sweet vinyl – including a box full of T-Rex, a few 7″s, some Creedence, some Steve Miller Band I’d been missin’, the new CD by local legends Forbidden Dimension, some Ramones for the boys, etc etc etc…

So, instead of crushing our spines again at the Comic Con, we elected for a quick trip to the comic shop (I had research to do, honest! Currently working on TWO scripts for EC Horror-style 2-pagers for Nic Caesar’s new project). I came home with a bloody armload of books, mostly back ish stuff. I did find me a MICRONAUTS #1 and a pile of ROM: Spaceknight, old school Iron Fist and the hilarious new issue of The Goon. I also snagged the SDCC Crazy 88 Tarantino figure from a few years ago and a “ganger” Doctor Eleven. My geekery knows no bounds.

This week we already saw THE AVENGERS, which was pure fucking BOSS. You can check out my full review over on Well worth the $50 it costs to go to the damn movies these days.

Tomorrow is STAR WARS DAY, which necessitates either a viewing of the 1977 Star Wars Holiday Special, or back-to-back-to-back marathon of the original trilogy. #Maythe4thBeWithYou

Then Saturday is FREE COMIC BOOK DAY!!! (Click that link for more info and locations near you), which is more or less a statutory holiday around our place. We will hit at least two local shops and I may cook up somethin’ special for the site. Maybe give away a couple of books. I just happen to have a surplus of ROBOT LINCOLN & ZOMBIE JACKSON books on the way from NYC. Like I said, I also have two scripts underway to submit for Nic Caesar‘s as-yet-untitled book which is due out for October to sell at the Alternative Press Expo in San Fran Siskey.

So check out the review, check out THE AVENGERS, in theatres tomorrow, and stay tuned for news of a FCD giveaway and more!

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