They’re baaaaaaack… LIVING DEAD rise again! PLUS FOUR MORE! All for a buck!

I know, I know… you’ve all heard plenty about the Vegas Dead. But it’s CANADA BOOK DAY! I’m a Canadian book-maker! And guess what? Living Dead at Zigfreidt & Roy is back and better than ever! Now with the inclusion of FOUR… count em’… FOUR EXTRA STORIES!!!

For one measly fucking dollar, you are going to get:

The last round up at the end of the world, when one tough ol’ hombre takes on the legions of the Living Dead in Living Dead at Zigfreidt & Roy

The shambling depravity and heartless greed of the office pirate in His Dark Flag

The meanest SoCal punk God that ever stepped foot in Arkadelphia, South Some-Goddamn-Place in Henry Rollins and the Better Butter Bacon Burger

…then tremble as the most voracious fiends of a West Texas midnight spill blood, guts and mayhem all over the plains as Chupacabra Attack!! in Rosie’s Chicken & Biscuits

And feel the power of the double-ply as one lowly Death Star janitor seeks a better life among the stars in Dark Flush of the Sith!!

That’s five stories. FIVE! For a buck! It probably took me months to write and review and edit and put these things together. You get all of my hard work, questionable humor and demented nonsense for ONE DOLLAR!!  Available once again on Smashwords, Amazon and soon to be distributed to other online sellers and bookstores for the Nook, Kobo and iBooks!



5 thoughts on “They’re baaaaaaack… LIVING DEAD rise again! PLUS FOUR MORE! All for a buck!”

  1. 5 stories for a buck?! What is it with us Canehdians practically giving good literature away?


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