12 Days of #Creepfest Oi To The World! with Kim Koning and the Tales for Canterbury!

Welcome back to the big #Creepfest show!! Today’s spotlight falls directly on Auckland, NZ author and poet Kim Koning of Wrestling the Muse, whose YA Dystopian tale “The Ring of Fire” is included in the Tales for Canterbury anthology from Random Static Press, a charity collection benefitting the Red Cross NZ Earthquake Relief fund and featuring stories by a wide variety of authors including the likes of Neil Gaiman and Jeff VanDerMeer. Check that out HERE and support a worthy cause, cuz’ it’s CHRISTMAS and YOU like helping people, right? Do it. Or find yourself forever relegated to the naughty end of Santa’s long list. And check Kim out on Erik Gustafson’s blog Apparitions of Terror!

I also happen to be featured on Kim’s blog today, including a “flash” piece which is really more of a random segment of a story still caught in the detritus of my catastrophically disorganized brain. There is also much reference to His Dudeness and Zee Grinch.

Now Hear This:

Get out there and consume your asses off people, Santa is counting on YOU!

6 thoughts on “12 Days of #Creepfest Oi To The World! with Kim Koning and the Tales for Canterbury!”

  1. Hey, Axel! How’s it goin’? As fate would have it, I was on Kim’s blog earlier this morning. I loved that flash piece. I read it to my wife.
    “Don’t ask!”
    Loved that.
    I loved your interview as well. As always, you crack me up. In the spirit of being fair and balanced, I’m a Republican, but I thought the bit about the Evil Queen being one as well was a nice touch.
    Cheers! my friend.


  2. Just talking smack, Jimmy. I’m Canadian, we don’t even have Republicans. Well, we do, and they make up every party, but they just call themselves “politicians” 😉 Happy Holidays to you and yours, my friend.


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