Frightful Fall Read-a-Thon!

Our pals over at Castle Macabre are hosting their Frightful Fall Read-a-Thon this week, which means I have to read some more books!




I’m heading off the week with Rob Mosca’s High Midnight, which comes to us care of Dark Moon Books and is some kind of wild pastiche of post-apocalyptic western, juggalo-ultraviolence and dark humor…


Then I’ve got Guy Adams’ Holmesian tale The Breath of God on tap. This one sees Holmes and Watson seeking the aid of none other than Thomas Carnacki Aleister Crowley.

 “As London fills up with mindless zombies, possessed by the spirits in the air, Holmes must descend beneath the city via the new underground train network to combat the source.

Then we’ll see if I have any juice left for beginning a third read before the long weekend. Gotsta save room for that pumpkin pie on Canadian Thanksgiving… mmmmmmmmm maple syrup turkey poutine…

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