Update time again!

Well, time for the requisite ‘update’ post, wherein I make numerous excuses as to why I haven’t finished the novel or any one of 12 other projects usually in the works.

So here goes…

I still haven’t finished the damn book. And I have little to no excuse.
I do have 2 stories on the verge of Anthologization. ‘BLOOD ON THE STRIP’ is in the final running for a contest with Dark Moon books, and ‘HUM’ is in final revisions for the ‘Crappy Job Anthology’ being put together by the venerable Bob Vardeman. I also had a week that got away from me while I scrambled to put together a rather sad package of goods to submit to Billboard Magazine when an old pal mentioned that she had a friend who was an editor looking for a Canuckistani contributor. Far be it from me to question Fate, so I submitted what I had. I would never delude myself into thinking that I had a brain cell’s chance in Paris Hilton, but I took that baby step and put myself out there, which actually did feel good.

Now to finish the revisions for story #1, finish the first draft of SINATRA and collect on my NummaNummaHoChiMinhHo prize of a ‘free proof copy’ before it’s too late.

Then I guess I should start looking to the future instead of wallowing in the present. My amazing wife has taken up her pen again (which is fantasmagorical), and recently brushed off a Vegas-themed story she wrote a couple of years ago when I was asked to do a graphic novel project that never came to fruition. The Legendary Scott Dammit also has a couple of ace Vegas tales, so I’m seriously considering spear-heading an anthology of Las Vegas-centric tales under my own umbrella. Something to chew on…

So stay tuned and rest assured. More to follow…


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