Two books down…

Original cover art for HOT SINATRA
© Axel Howerton 2010

Well, after much procrastination, it’s done. The first draft of HOT SINATRA has an end and “The special commemorative 1st run, 1st draft, all-bullshit, no edits limited collector’s edition” is in the proofing process for a small vanity run to pass out to the VIPs and commemorate me actually finishing a novel. That’s a little taste of the cover art you’re looking at there…

It will be slightly different in the print version, but the main pic will be the same image of the 45 with the title and the ol’ Iniquitous logo.

In other news, I just signed the contract for the CAREER GUIDE FOR YOUR JOB IN HELL anthology being published by Bob Vardeman. A sparkly new version of THE HUM will be in there, alongside pieces from both Scotts Phillips, as well as (I believe) Nathan Long, Victor Milan, Scott Denning and the Vard-man himself. Very cool. So prepare for much harassment in the vein of ‘BUYMYBOOKBUYMYBOOKBUYMYBOOK’…

Haven’t heard back in the definite on BLOOD ON THE STRIP for the Dark Moon MONSTERS anthology, though I know they were still trying to get enough quality submissions to warrant the collection before deciding on concrete inclusions, so if you’ve got something that might fit the bill, get over to Dark Moon Books and submit, submit, submit!

Now to get back to hashing out some new stuff and thinking about my own couple of anthology ideas for the new year, one of which would be the aforementioned ‘VEGAS TALES’ compilation with work from Scott Dammit and Elizabeth Leigh (or whatever nom de plume my lovely wife wants to lay on her great story about bickering elders losing their minds in Sin City). I haven’t decided how to approach filling out the bill yet, whether it would be a contest affair, asking some other pals named Scott, etc. etc. Any ideas or insights would be most appreciated.

So hooray for me! And to paraphrase the great Dirk Diggler “I promise to keep rocking and rolling and making great stories…”


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