Know that there is Love here.


Know that my heart remains

Locked in a low closet

Wedged between old shoes

And a box of tarnished necklaces

And rings

That I gave you when we were young.

That heart belongs to you.

Warm meat and swollen ventricles

Ready to burst at your touch

Waiting endlessly for your appraisal.

You unlock the door

Dig through the box

Take out a pair of old Chucks

And leave my heart



And overwrought.

But when you return

You take it from its nest

Hold it to your face

And feed it with your tears

Regale it with your tales

And fill it with your dreams

It goes content

Back into the darkness

Into the breath of stale insoles

And the weeping of forgotten memories

To wait

To ponder

To wish

For just one more moment of You.

And it lives here




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