WikiWikiWaWaPooDoo – Day 6

nanowrimo Today was mostly putrid. Yep. Putrid. Woke up late, drug my fat ass all over the place before finally getting to where I’d have an opportunity to work on the story, then proceeded to waste that time on Twitter and hating my doucheswoggle of a boss.

Morning sucked. Lunch sucked (and came and went without a word laid down). Afternoon sucked. Then round about 3PM I decided to listen to my inner Flav and fight the powers that be. I somehow managed to kick it in the lovebumps and hammer my way to 10,009 before it was time for cross-town traffic, grocery store mayhem and time with la famiglia… speaking of which…

The last two chapters have seen the introduction of four colorful characters. First, two street thugs/homosexual bondage performers who go by the names ‘Kickerdick’ and ‘Manlove’ (thanks to the Scotts Phillips for those unbeatable monikers), along with Vegas mafiosa Tomaso DeFrancesco and his mildly deranged pal Joey Thumbs. There was much use of horrific Italian profanity and a knock down, drag em’ out fight ending with our hero – Mossimo Cole – mostly broken, but ensconced on his sofa in the company of the redheaded vixen.

Fino domani,



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