Happy Flux Capacitor Day!


Today is ‘Flux Capacitor’ day. Where we, as a planet, celebrate the man who invented time travel. All over the world, people will be ordering ‘milk… chocolate’ and burning effigies of Bif Tannen and his fellow miscreants – ‘Match’ and ‘3-D Glasses’. But how many remember the real reason behind this holiday and the true story of Dr. Emmet Brown, one of the greatest scientific minds of human history?

November 5, 1955. A day that will forever live in history. That was the date that Dr. Emmet Lathrop Brown of Hill Valley, Ca, discovered probably the single most important technological advance of the modern age – the Flux Capacitor – which is what makes time travel possible.

Extensive tests were apparently run concurrently in November of both 1955 and 1985 and yielded amazing results and creating multiple time-space continuum that changed the future for several individuals, including Martin McFly (also of Hill Valley), his mother Lorraine and his father, the celebrated Sci-Fi novelist, George McFly. Also involved was one ‘Biff’ Tannen, currently of unkown whereabouts.


Unfortunately, following these very successful and promising experiments, Dr. Brown disappeared altogether with the prototype and singular physical evidence of his life’s work, a time-travelling device created from a 1981 DMC-12 DeLorean. According to Martin ‘Marty’ McFly, Dr. Brown is currently residing in the year 1885 with his 160 year-old wife, Mary Steenburgen and their two children, Jules and Verne, one of whom may actually be their own great-grandpa.


‘Doc’ Emmet Brown was famously memorialized in this song by Huey Lewis & The News.


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