AmADaYoAmaDayO day… what? 10?

nano_09_blk_participant_120x90.png I know, I know… where the hell have I been since Friday? Well, between getting the car fixed up on Saturday, spending a full day with me boyos on Sunday and then back to work with the Cro-Magnon manager on Monday, I haven’t had time for much.

Other than HOT SINATRA, of course.

My word count, as of this very minute is 15981 – just over the goal for today (15000). I’m skipping out tomorrow, so as long as I can make myself focus at 5:30 AM and power through a couple G’s before the kids wake up, I’m golden.

New to the story is a smex-mantic subplot including graphic groping and rated M in-yo-end-o, a ballsy landlady with rough bedside manner and I am about to delve into ‘The Unsung Ballad of Moe Rossi’…

More tomorrow. And don’t any of you DARE forget to remember. I’ll repost my column from last year and you can bet I’ll be reflecting on the ancestors I have who’ve given their lives for our freedom and security, as well as the friends and strangers who still lay their lives on the line for all the little people like you and me, safe in our blogs and homes.


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