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#NoirBarYYC coming August 12!


Hosted by Axel Howerton

Coffin Hop Press and Opal Publishing are proud to present the annual WHEN WORDS COLLIDE edition of  Calgary’s only official NOIR AT THE BAR event – #NoirBarYYC

Come on down and check out the Best of the West as crime fiction writers from around the world get to readin’, drinkin’ and raisin’ hell. Booze, bullets, broads and PRIZES! Criminal mischief and literary badassery from the best Crime Fiction Writers.

Sponsored in part by Chapters/Indigo/Coles, Vertigo Mystery Theatre, The Networking Web, and When Words Collide!

Friday August 12, 2016
9PM til Late

Boomtown Pub
Delta South Calgary
135 Southland Drive SE

Part of the WHEN WORDS COLLIDE convention


#NOIRBARYYC is open to the public

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When Words Collide! Axel Howerton on the scene! #ABNegative and #NoirBarYYC !!

Here comes my biggest weekend of the year. Three days of pure insanity at the best little bookfest in Western Canada – When Words Collide – Friday to Sunday at the lovely Delta South Calgary, in beautiful mid-town Cowtown.

And don’t forget: #NOIRBARYYC Friday night, 9-late at the Boomtown Pub – OPEN TO THE PUBLIC!

If you’re at the convention, and wanting to check out the miscreant roadshow that is Axel Howerton and/or Coffin Hop Press

Here’s where we’ll be:

Friday 4 PM – Fireside
Coffin Hop Press Presents
Tall Tales of the Weird West (2015) and other upcoming projects.
Join Axel Howerton, Dwayne Clayden, Rick Overwater and more.

Friday 5 PM – Parkland-Bonavista-Willow Park
Real Life Mysteries
Shirlee Smith Matheson, Rebecca Bradley, Axel Howerton
Truth is often stranger than fiction. Our experts discuss unsolved mysteries from the past
that fire the imagination, offering popular theories and, for a few, how modern technology
has solved mysteries once thought unsolvable.


Friday 6 PM – Rundle
Mystery Shorts
Axel Howerton, Darusha Wehm, Jayne Barnard, Sam Wiebe, Constantine Kaoukakis (M)
What are the ingredients and markets for short mystery stories? Short mystery stories
need to be succinct and punchy. They are a writing challenge on their own. There are
conventions, guidelines and various markets to be considered. Join us for a lively
discussion to learn about the writing opportunity.


Friday 9 PM (till late) – Boomtown Pub
Literary mayhem with Canada’s best crime writers.



Saturday 10 AM – Fireside
Sleuth Magazine
Constantine Kaoukakis launches Sleuth Magazine with
Barb Galler-Smith. Sleuth magazine is a literary vehicle for crime fiction, suspense, thrillers & other writing related to the mystery genre. sleuthmagazine.ca

Saturday 2 PM – Fireside
AB Negative
Coffin Hop Press presents a new anthology of the very best in Alberta crime and mystery
from Alberta’s greatest crime writers. Join Axel Howerton, Jayne Barnard, Robert Bose,
Susan Calder, Dwayne E. Clayden, Randy McCharles, Brent Nichols, Al Onia, Rick
Overwater, Sharon Wildwind, and S.G. Wong

Saturday 3 PM – Waterton
Does Being an Editor Make You a Better Writer?
Richard Harrison, Axel Howerton, Nowick Gray, Darusha Wehm, Barb Galler-Smith (M)
The Left Brain – Right Brain Dominance Theory suggests that editing is a left brain
function while creative writing is a right brain function. Does being an editor hurt or help
your writing? Does being too analytical interfere with your creativity? Or can you control
which brain has dominance at different stages of writing?

Saturday 9 PM (till late) – Acadia
The Usual Suspects Fandango
Drop in for some killer excitement with crime writers from across Canada.


UsualSuspects WWC

Sunday 10 AM – Fireside
In Places Between Sampler
Come to this pre-session reading to hear a sample of each of the short stories in line for
first place in the Robin Herrington Memorial Short Story Contest.


Sunday 11 AM – Fireside
In Places Between Contest Judging
Axel Howerton, Kate Larking, Sandra Kasturi, and Robin Van Eck
Our panel of judges announces this year’s winners of the Robyn Herrington Short Story
Contest and discusses their selections

Sunday 12 PM – Rundle
Does Size Matter?
Axel Howerton, Steena Holmes, Sarah Kades, Tod McCoy
Novellas and short stories are on the rise, but does length of a story make a difference?
We hear from readers, editors and writers who will share their thoughts on story length,
how it can affect sales, and whether the appetite for shorter fiction is here to stay

Sunday 1 PM – Bonavista
Murder – Ancient and Contemporary
Axel Howerton, Dwayne Clayden, Charles Prepolec, S.G. Wong
What are the differences and similarities in writing mysteries in different eras. How do you
do the research, how much of true facts can you include in historical mysteries. What
differences dialogue, setting and forensics do you encounter?

Sunday 2 PM – Parkland
The Past Is a Terrible Place
Rebecca Bradley, Axel Howerton, Steve Swanson
Compared to the present day, the past was filthy, bigoted, stratified, polluted, violent, and
crude—whether thousands of years ago or yesterday. What possible appeal could travel
into the past have? How does it vary based on your current socioeconomic status, or on
the status you have (or can acquire) in the past with your knowledge of history, technology, and sociology? We’ll discuss various depictions of travel into the past, including Connie Willis’s Doomsday Book and Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series

Sunday 4 PM – Rundle
The Publishers Panel: Short Fiction
Axel Howerton, Rhonda Parrish, Ron Friedman, Kevin Thornton, Tod McCoy
Publishers and editors discuss industry trends, their working relationship with authors, the
impact of ePublishing on their business, and other questions raised from the audience

When Words Collide 2013 and Axel in FFWD magazine!

(c) Liz Howerton Photography
(c) Liz Howerton Photography

Hey gang,

It’s been a hell of a week! Last Thursday I had a little write-up in Beatroute Magazine’s print edition (there’s a pic a couple of posts down). Then we had all the excitement the last couple of days, what with the ENT promo, the blast up the charts (topping out somewhere around #950 in paid Kindle), landing on the Top Hardboiled Mystery list and finally, the current spot atop the Noir Crime Fiction list! Add to that, a feature piece in this weeks FFWD Magazine (in print in YYC or online HERE) Many thanks to Rick Overwater and Liz Howerton Photography for that one!

Tomorrow I head off to the WHEN WORDS COLLIDE 2013 writers conference, where I will be a panelist on Friday afternoon for:

VIOLENCE IN LITERATURE – With Edward Willett, SG Wong, Dwayne Clayden, Lynda Williams and DB Jackson

PUSHING THE LIMITS OF TRADITIONAL MYSTERY – With Sharon Wildwind, Angelika Harvey and Janice MacDonald

WE ARE ALL MURDERERS – With Janice MacDonald, CWC Director Melodie Campbell and Arthur Ellis Award-winner Barbara Fradkin!
That’s my 3pm-6pm haul.  At 6PM I’ll be selling, signing and manning the IFWA table (so come by and get your autographed copies of HOT SINATRA and CLONES, FAIRIES AND MONSTERS IN THE CLOSET)

Then I’m very excited to hit the CWC/CCW party and possibly the Edge and IFWA parties as well.
Saturday I’ll be taking in some seminars and workshops, but if you drop by for a copy of any of my books at the IFWA table, I’ll be sure to leave my number so I can run on down and sign one for you.

Sunday morning at 10AM I’ll be participating in CRIMINAL READINGS and reading from my story 999 PROBLEMS… which appears in the Big Pulp LGBQT anthology CLONES, FAIRIES AND MONSTERS IN THE CLOSET

That’ll be my fully packed weekend and a capper to all the craziness this week has had to offer. Again, a million thanks and endless gratitude to all those who helped spread the word and made HOT SINATRA a goddamn BESTSELLING HARDBOILED/NOIR title on Amazon!!! I am still reeling from seeing that on my screen.