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When Words Collide 2013 and Axel in FFWD magazine!

(c) Liz Howerton Photography
(c) Liz Howerton Photography

Hey gang,

It’s been a hell of a week! Last Thursday I had a little write-up in Beatroute Magazine’s print edition (there’s a pic a couple of posts down). Then we had all the excitement the last couple of days, what with the ENT promo, the blast up the charts (topping out somewhere around #950 in paid Kindle), landing on the Top Hardboiled Mystery list and finally, the current spot atop the Noir Crime Fiction list! Add to that, a feature piece in this weeks FFWD Magazine (in print in YYC or online HERE) Many thanks to Rick Overwater and Liz Howerton Photography for that one!

Tomorrow I head off to the WHEN WORDS COLLIDE 2013 writers conference, where I will be a panelist on Friday afternoon for:

VIOLENCE IN LITERATURE – With Edward Willett, SG Wong, Dwayne Clayden, Lynda Williams and DB Jackson

PUSHING THE LIMITS OF TRADITIONAL MYSTERY – With Sharon Wildwind, Angelika Harvey and Janice MacDonald

WE ARE ALL MURDERERS – With Janice MacDonald, CWC Director Melodie Campbell and Arthur Ellis Award-winner Barbara Fradkin!
That’s my 3pm-6pm haul.  At 6PM I’ll be selling, signing and manning the IFWA table (so come by and get your autographed copies of HOT SINATRA and CLONES, FAIRIES AND MONSTERS IN THE CLOSET)

Then I’m very excited to hit the CWC/CCW party and possibly the Edge and IFWA parties as well.
Saturday I’ll be taking in some seminars and workshops, but if you drop by for a copy of any of my books at the IFWA table, I’ll be sure to leave my number so I can run on down and sign one for you.

Sunday morning at 10AM I’ll be participating in CRIMINAL READINGS and reading from my story 999 PROBLEMS… which appears in the Big Pulp LGBQT anthology CLONES, FAIRIES AND MONSTERS IN THE CLOSET

That’ll be my fully packed weekend and a capper to all the craziness this week has had to offer. Again, a million thanks and endless gratitude to all those who helped spread the word and made HOT SINATRA a goddamn BESTSELLING HARDBOILED/NOIR title on Amazon!!! I am still reeling from seeing that on my screen.