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#Furr news! and special deal for GotHow crew!

Spells Spirits 200x300Mere moments ago, I signed the contract for a full release of FURR, my werewolf-strippers-mad-magicians-and-boozehound-heroes novel, currently available for a very short time in Cornucopia Press’ spectacular box set SPELLS & SPIRITS

Scheduled for sometime in late 2016 to early 2017, Tyche Books will be doing a paperback, ebook and possibly audio release for a new bigger, badder, and wolfier version of this “Supernatural meets Twin Peaks in the Canadian Rockies” book.

That being said, if you want to get your hands on it now, in the original form, best get it while the gettin’s good! The box set will only be available for a short time! One whole dollar for SEVEN books!

AND!!! If you are a member of the GotHow? crew (the official Axel Howerton newsletter and unofficial support group for previously mentioned werewolf strippers) I’ll be announcing something extra-special later today directly relating to the announcement about FURR. Just click HERE to join. You’ll immediately get a FREE eBook AxelHow’s HowDeeDoo, and you’ll be first on the list for new announcements, special deals, more FREE eBooks (like Uno Moss coming next month! You get it before it goes up for sale anywhere!)

Just sign up for my once every (hang on, let me just check this… yep) three or four months at best, email newsletter.

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TROLL OR PARK by RED TASH cover reveal

Urban fantasy wunderkind, my good pal, sometimes partner-in-literary-crime, and all-around hip lady, Red Tash is about to release her sequel to the phenomenal TROLL OR DERBY (which you really should not miss. Pick it up NOW!)

Here, now, for your personal edification and ocular satisfaction, I present the cover to TROLL OR PARK, the continuing adventures of Roller Deb, Harlow the Troll and all their friends and enemies…


Go visit WWW.REDTASH.COM for all the latest news, and be sure to add TROLL OR PARK to your Goodreads wish list.