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Another taste of Paradise Lost…

Here’s a little taste of what I’m currently working on. It’s a short, on the Serling end of the “horror” spectrum and – you guessed it – set in Las Vegas. I don’t know what it is with me and that place, but every other damn story seems to just pop out of the excess and madness of that chaotic neon oasis. Can’t divulge the title or any real details, being that it ‘co-stars’ a couple of friends of mine and I’d like to keep it on the QT.

“The bathroom was small for a bar, one toilet stall and two scungy, misused urinals. The mirrors were cracked and soiled by a hundred nights of desperate men and bad drinking, but there was a soap dispenser and hot water and that was enough. Tommy pumped the soap and felt hot panic fill his chest and empty up into his throat as a measly couple of bubbles dropped onto his fingertips and nothing more. He paused for a moment, scanning the sink and under, and even turning to the stalls (knowing even as his manic eyes searched there, that there’d never been any kind of cleanser near that toilet). He scrambled, frantic, through the door and fell tumbling into the women’s bathroom across the hall. The ladies was even worse, with floors streaked with black, and strange smears of brown and red covering the walls. TP, matchbook covers, tampon packages (and lord knows what else) were scattered everywhere, as if some stray bear or wild dog had rambled in here and rifled the garbage for a snack. Tommy’s stomach heaved and he retched, grabbing the edge of the scum-tiled sink just as the sour contents of his gut splashed out and added yet one more layer to the malodorous ambience of the place. His stomach heaved a couple more times, then he forced it to settle and thrust his hands to the soap dispenser on the wall. Tommy would have sworn the Angels sang down from the heavens as the soft pink foam filled his cupped hand to overflowing. He sidestepped to the slightly cleaner sink – the one that was not currently trying to digest his leftovers – and cranked the hot water on full. He slapped the soap filled hand to his marked-up bicep and scrubbed hard, against the screaming protest of his brain.”

Stay tuned kids! The trip is just beginning…

Zombies and Tigers and Shitty Jobs? OH YEAH!

Finally some news fit to print…

First off, A CAREER GUIDE TO YOUR JOB IN HELL should be coming to eReaders, iPads and other digital loveliness near you. The print version is in it’s final  hard-copy proofing stage, and Bob Vardeman is currently working on the necessary formats for every digital incarnation imaginable. I have also heard through the grapevine that it will be available WORLDWIDE viddy viddy soon! Stay tuned for details on the revolution!

Next, final revisions on HOT SINATRA are belly-crawling towards completion at a ridiculously slow pace. It just seems to be nigh-impossible for me to get a serious block of time to work on it. I am still working on it, however slowly, and hope to be putting it out there by the summer. I’ve been talking to guru Bob and looking into ViPub solutions to get it out in all the requisite formats. Fear not, true believers!

And, finally – but by no means least importantly – my story BLOOD ON THE STRIP will be published in the upcoming March edition of Dark Moon Digest. Huzzah!

If any of you recall from previously posted (and now removed) versions of the story, BotS is the story of a crotchety old cowboy recanting a tale of terror that takes place in a Sigfreid & Roy-style Vegas show, only to have unexpected, undead repercussions for the clientele and staff of an off-the-strip diner. Be sure to check it out , and beware the ides of March!

Career Guide To Your Job In Hell

Here it is! The cover art to A Career Guide To Your Job In Hell which features my story “Hum” along with offerings from Scott S. Phillips (Tales of Misery & Imagination), Bob Vardeman, the other Scott Phillips (The Ice Harvest), Nathan Long, Victor Milan, John Jos Miller and more! Not much news as to when this will be available, but I would imagine either just before or just after the holiday season. I will update this post when I have a concrete ETA from the Vard-man… But here is the GLORIOUS cover art from the expert hands of Mr. Keith Rainville of