Shadows and Light: Featuring #FURR by @AxelHow

Want to get my novel #Furr and four others for less than a couple of latte’s? All first books in a series (#Furr is technically #0 in the Wolf & Devil series. Ground Zero even.)
Shadows and Light: 5 Speculative Fiction Novels

 Shadows and Light: 5 Speculative Fiction Novels

Feb 25 2018 | Kindle eBook

by E. C. Bell and Axel Howerton

Kindle Edition

CDN$ 9.99 Buy now with 1-Click ®


Shadows surround us, but the light is always there, keeping them at bay.

In these five speculative fiction novels, explore the darkness that thrives not only in the world around us, but also in our very souls. But that darkness will always be challenged. Using their brains, guts, and claws, determined men and women defeat the shadows in the myriad forms it takes: angry ghosts, blood-thirsty shapeshifters, and scheming corporations bent on world domination.

Prepare to be thrilled and chilled in this satisfying bundle of urban fantasy, science fiction, and alternate history novels!

Featuring books by:

E.C. Bell

Axel Howerton

Pat Flewwelling

Sherry D. Ramsey

Christopher Hoare


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