Axel Howerton, MENTOK! I mean… mentor…

FCEADFB4-3FB7-4888-93FF-7E1D9BA91D45Don’t forget, #YYC peeps: I’m the “Mentor in the Loop” for January at the Alexandra Writers Centre Society. That means I’m available THIS COMING WEEK – STARTING TOMORROW for drop-in consultations on writing, editing, and general writerly business… I’m also doing scheduled Blue Pencil (extensive story edit one-on-one meetings) and mentor meetings (times still available for a few days), and two workshops! Come on down Tuesday afternoon to learn how to infuse your work with poetic magic, and swing by Wednesday night to ANTHOLOGIZE! And find out how to put together an anthology, Coffin Hop Press style!!! Details and times at under MENTOR IN THE LOOP/JANUARY #YYCBOOKS at #AWCS


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