Hear Axel Howerton read FURR on The Nocturntable!

Happy Halloween, boils and ghouls!

Not only is my wild and wooly, weird and wonderful new book #FURR is available to buy on Kindle and in paperback, but I’ve got a FREE special treat for your goodie bags…

Check me out reading chapter 14 of FURR live on CJSW radio’s The Nocturntable (MP3) – October 29, 2016 *Listener discretion advised*

Or you can listen to it on iTunes: The Nocturntable with DJedi Christine on CJSW*.

A million thanks to Christine and CJSW for having me on for the Nocturntable Halloween/Post Funding Drive Special. Wicked good fun to be back in the booth and to get a closer look at the new upstairs digs at the University of Calgary. PLEASE – like and subscribe to The Nocturntable  (@nocturntable on twitter and instagram), and any of the other excellent shows CJSW produces, which are ALL available on iTunes as podcasts, almost directly after airing live. There’s something for everybody, from Metal to Folk and Reggae to Roots, to all points in-between and outside. Award-winning rebel radio! http://www.cjsw.com

*For some unknown reason, only my reading shows up in the podcast right now, presumably this technical error will be fixed and you can soon get the whole show including the interview segment and all the kickass tunage you could handle. *

These links have also been added to the AV Club section (Tidbits & Biscuits on the top menu) under Audio Axel


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