Bacon and Rollins! new story on Wattpad

I’ve just added my tiny weirdo tale “Henry Rollins and the Better Butter Bacon Burger” to Wattpad. The infamous Red Tash once dared me to write a story about bacon and Henry Rollins on a day they were both trending on the twitterz, so I damn well did it. It’s a little less than a thousand words, but the bizarro waitress character stuck in my brain-guts and found herself being a new favorite for a lot of people who read FURR this past winter. FURR, by the way, is “A modern-day (grim) fairy tale full of werewolf strippers, goth-rock wizards and a shaman named Bob Dylan.” It’s also my newest novel, due back this fall (October 2016 from Tyche Books!)

Now go check out the menu!



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